Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Khmer Hot Import Model: Kim Sunisa

Introduce you to Khmer supper hot model, Kim Sunisa. She was born in Thailand, her parents are Khmer. When Kim Sunisa were 6 old, her family moved to US. Now she became one of the asian hot model in America. Khmer Sexy Model Kim Sunisa, Full Sexy Body, Shape, Khmer Thai Model. Khmer Model Hot, Shot In Different Styles. Khmer American Model, Sim Sunisa Moved To America.
Sunisa Kim - Interview by Kineda.com

K: What place do you call home and what ethnicity are you?
SK: I call Los Angeles home, but I was born in Thailand. I’m half Thai and half Cambodian. I came to the United States when I was about 6 months old.
K: Wow, such a small baby at the time. You’re a really popular model in the “scene” right now. What got you started?
SK: I’ve been working with the automotive industry for 3 years now. What got me known was being a spokes model for Yokohama Tires. From there on, it just snowballed and it makes me want to persue modeling even more. I also want to be able to branch out into acting.
K: That’s right. I remember seeing a giant poster ad of you at SEMA last year. Nice picture I might add! Acting seems to be the craze for models. I guess it’s the next natural progression. What kind of acting are you looking towards?.
SK: Thanks! Well, anything from drama or comedy. I’m also looking towards daytime or primetime TV. They need more diverse Asians on television! It’s the same old typical looking Asians we see on TV all the time.
K: Yokohama is keeping you on fulltime as their 1st spokesmodel. Where can the fans find you this season?
SK: Yokohama has me on contract. You’ll see me at all the drifting events, D1 and Formula D. I’m also touring with HIN, this year as one of their Official Glow Go Go girls. My partners are Sasha Singleton and Christine Mendoza.

K: Wow, talk about an awesome threesome! I’m sure you get hit on alot by guys in the industry. What’s the best line you’ve heard so far?
SK: I can’t think of any rite now, but i must admit, pick up lines are very cheesy!
K: Hahah.. we agree. What do you like better, the Drifting Competitions or the Import Shows?SK: I actually like both, because the fans that goes to these shows are all the same enthusiast, they are all great.
K: Have you tried drifting yourself? There’s nothing like a hot model doing an eternal drift with her head out the window cheesing for the cams.
SK: LOL. I’ve been in one of the japanese racer’s car, while he was drifting…it felt incredible, better that a roller coaster! Haven’t done it myself yet though.
K: Who was the lucky driver and what’s your favorite ride now?
SK: Orido Manabu, but he is now a D1 judge. I’m in love with the Porsche Cayenne.
K: Ahh I love that car. If you ever get it, slap on a Gembella kit and just roll down Sunset with it. I’m sure you need to stay in top shape for modelling. Do you do alot of fitness work? What do you like to eat?
SK: Believe it or not, I try staying in good shape my running a miles each day, but with traveling I haven’t been doing any exercises…and eating, ha! thats my favorite hobby. I like fruits, fritos with chili, fried chicken, hot and sour soup, noodles, etc….haha
K: that’s a nice selection! You don’t sound to picky with your food… is it the same with guys?
SK: Hmmm…no! haha, with guys, a girl has to be picky, if she wants to be in that ideal relationship!
K: So what’s it take for a guy to get into that “ideal” relationship.
SK: Be a gentlemen and be cool!
K: Easier said than done.
SK: You guys would be surprised with the nice feedback from girls when you are a gentlemen. Try it.
K: Hmm.. maybe we should open the door a bit more often. So if you had to choose… brawns or brains?
SK: Brains for sure. I can’t really stand guys that are way too into their themselves.
K: Who does?! We agree there. Any parting words for the Kineda fans?
SK: To all my loyal fans, I’m coming out with a website called Bombshellpinups, it’ll be a hit, please check it out and let me know what you think, and i’ll see everyone at the race track, go drifting!

The official site of Sunisa Kim: http://www.formshape.com/sunisa/


  1. Wow! 1/2 Khmer, and 1/2 Thai...that 1/2 Thai makes her pretty hot. She probably won't be that hot is she is full Khmer.

  2. Kim Sunisa,

    how can you be half Thai when both of your parents are Khmer? You're half Thai because you were born in a Refugee camp in Thailand?

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    please take some time find out what or who you are.

    People who read this interview will say you're Cambodian and NOT a smart one either. And Thai will say..."oh man another Khmer who wanna be Thai?"

    Get this through your head. if your parents are Cambodian, you are whole Cambodian even if you're born in Thailand. you were a Cambodia national BECAUSE THAI did not give people who were born in the Camp Thai citizenship. You are Khmer. Be proud of that because that's who you are. Now, your nationality is American. You're Cambodian-American. And no you Are not HALF anything. Your ethnicity is Cambodian and your nationality is American.

  3. Kim Sunisa is half Khmer and half stupid.

    if you too ashame to be Khmer but not just claim you're full Thai? That's stupid?

    well guess what...saying that you're half Thai when both your parents are khmer, that's stupid!

    Duh! so what's the difference?

  4. correction: *if you too ashamed to be Khmer why not just claim you're full Thai?

  5. I guess her parents are Khmer, but the man gave the sperm to her mother was probably Thai. That's how she comes that way.

  6. She looks very Asian..the color and the looks..Asian really are pretty girls..

  7. To Anonymous person at the top= -.- A lot of khmers are very hot. Sydney Model Mel Yim for example-

  8. Don’t let Photoshop artist fools you!!! Just like Khmer philosophy of “Phlae La’vea” without the deep thought and identity of Khmer (prolerung Khmer), she is just like Phlae La’Vea. The beauty of the Khmer women is her heart, for the heart is forever beautiful. From the picture, she already lost her smaradey (soul) as Khmer!

  9. nice pictures Kim some kind of charm and sarcasm,romantic feeling i get hmmm not tht i had tht bfore nawh just jk xD very nice pics tht's all

  10. Leave the girl alone, at least she is making something of herself. Half Khmer, Half Thai what does it matter? Find a a single person alive that is pure blooded anything then we can talk. This whole Khmer & Thai BS let it go...These are two very similar countries and ppl and it's stupid ppl like you (if the shoe fits) that makes it so difficult to move forward. She claims she's half thai, so what! Khmer ppl we are a minority among minorities...go ahead Kim do you girl and get yours.

  11. You should be true to yourself, only you know who you are. If you Khmer then you Khmer!